Our Fleet

At Fast Forward Direct, we are committed to delivering exceptional courier services that surpass our customers’ expectations.

We offer a comprehensive range of vehicles, including articulated lorries, to meet the needs of any job. Our priority is to transport your goods safely and efficiently to their destination while providing the highest level of customer service.

No job is too small for us, and we take pride in ensuring that each customer’s unique requirements are met. Explore our full range of vehicles to find the perfect solution for your delivery needs.

Parcel Car

Our parcel cars are similar to small vans and carry everything from forgotten passports or lost keys upwards. No pallets.

Small Van
150 x 125 x 100 cms of load space. One standard or euro pallet. Up to 400kg of weight and suited to a wide range of small jobs.

240 x 125 x 130 cms of load space. Two standard pallets or three euro pallets. Up to 800kg of weight and suited to mid-range jobs


360 x 130 x 175 cms of load space. Three standard or four euro pallets. Between 1000kg and 1250kg of weight. An industry standard.


400 x 130 x 180 cms of load space. Four standard or five euro pallets. Between 1000kg and 1100kg of weight. A high volume van.


400 x 200 x (190 to 210) cms of load space. Six standard pallets or up to 10 euro pallets. Between 800kg to 1000kg. Our highest volume van available.